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Not everyone is blessed with the ability to produce milk whenever they want to if their babies are hungry for milk from their mom.

That is why breast pumps were created by experts. These are devices used to attach to the breast to extract milk. They are very useful especially for moms who find it hard to feed their babies whenever they are hungry.

One of the most commonly used breast pumps is spectra. However, most of the people can be confused as too which one suits those best. There two different types of it which are both very dependable. What we know about such devices will greatly help us what to choose and use for the needs of the mother and the baby.

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In choosing between spectra s1 vs s2, you must know what the common things that the two models have are.  The Spectra breast pumps are designed to be used with ease and comfort. It is well-equipped that will ensure that you can get most of the milk that you can produce. Both models work the same way. Both models are also similar to how it is operated and how it works.


The spectra s1 and s2 models also have different features. They are designed depending on the needs of the person who is going to use it. The following are the things that have differences between the two models.

  • Weight
  • Battery Use
  • Color

Weight – both models differ in weight because the s1 model has batteries attached to it. It is designed to be portable which you can carry anywhere.

Battery Use – s1 uses a battery that can be recharged while s2 can only be used while being plugged to an outlet.

Color – there is a designated color only for the s1 and only for the s2.