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Barbarians are the best choices for those who want to fight a hand-in-hand battle with the bosses and monsters. And in the Lore of Diablo Barbarians are the most basic characters that you can pick and when it comes to the Diablo 2 items to be look into, barbarians are one of the easier characters to fully complete a set of items faster than any classes.

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Assassins have a variety in Diablo 2, where a player would either build his or her character assassin into a Ghost or a Traps in. Ghosts are very low in defense characters but are the good damage dealers and deadliest in the game that is why they are built to be agile and sneaky. In most cases, these builds are the hardest to find when it comes to diablo 2 items since most of the players are not into such a build since it is a high-risk high rewards’ kind of character.

Diablo 2 Items are Helpful.

Amazons, on the other hand, are one of the godly in passive skills of the game. They are the best to deal damage with just hacking and slashing the enemies in front. They are ones of the most sought after items in Diablo 2 since they can deal so much damage that even during PVP fighting against one is very hard.

Overall Melee classes in Diablo 2will always need items for it to fully function in its class to make sure that it will survive the whole game as you progress in your game .Diablo 2 items are not easy to find that is why most of the people who play the game would always have to grind hard each day to have at least luck in getting the best items for their characters.

These are just a few of the things that a melee class could do to you when you choose such a class. It would always come as to how you would play such role of a character in your game as you progress your game in the long run.